For Balcony, Patio, Poted or
Greenhouse Plants

Topf-Blumat automatically supplies
each of your plants on the balcony
or patio, in the greenhouse or in a
large pot with the right amount of
water. This is because the automatic
drip watering system takes sunlight as
well as the different water consum-
ption of each plant into account.
Blumat watering systems

For house plants

Blumat automatically releases prec-
isely the right amount of water which
room plants require. The system only
dispenses water in line with the actual
requirements, irrespective of whether
your house plants are exposed to sun-
light or stand in a shady location. As a
result your house plants can thrive
during the holiday period and through-
out the year without you having to the
hassle of watering them.
Blumat watering systems

For Balcony, Patio
and house plants

A simple watering system
with a constant water
release, specially designed
for patio or garden plants.
Almost all standard 0.25 litre
to 2 litre plastic bottles fit
the adapter.
Blumat watering systems

For moisture control

Blumat Digital takes a
extract measurement
of the moisture content
of the soil and so enables
sensitive plants to be
supplied perfectly with
the right amount of water.